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Remember that you are your own personal brand, keep your skills sharp.

It’s never too late to move on from your current role, step up to a promotion or even change career direction – and with a new year comes plenty of opportunity to really leverage your ambitions and take action.

If you’ve been holding off from applying for that dream job and doubts are beginning to set in whether it’s the right thing to do, we’ve composed a few tips to help you outline your career ambitions.

DEFINE YOUR GOALS: Engage your mind and write down what your goals are – be honest with yourself, even if it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, it’s good to outline what might be holding you back and why you haven’t taken the plunge to apply for that role, retrain or move on from your current position.

SET REALISTIC GOALS: It’s not really necessary to limit yourself to a timeframe when searching for career fulfillment, learning is a journey and so is your career. We will all be working for a huge percentage of our time on earth, so take time to re-evaluate, consider and enjoy every step on the ladder – you will learn something new in every role, with every team and every manager you ever have.

UNDERSTAND YOUR VALUE: It can often be too easy to dismiss a role that might ask for skills you think you don’t possess – however a lot of employers will acknowledge transferable skills and your experience/knowledge can often outweigh any preconceived limitations.

IDENTIFY YOUR POTENTIAL: You will have plenty of transferable skills, but it’s never too late to increase your professional repertoire – go to that masterclass, sign up to the course or take some time to develop your skills with online tutorials. Knowledge is power, but it also builds confidence and allows you to be fresh, relevant and highly attractive to employers.

TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL: For impartial career advice, BMC consultants will outline your career path, provide you with invaluable employer insight, the current recruitment market and help to get you in-front of ‘dream job’ employers.

To ensure you are moving on for the right reasons, it’s important to define what you feel will satisfy you in a new role – is it the higher salary that will allow you to save for the house deposit, or a job title that reaffirms and delivers on your career goals. Remember that you are your own personal brand, keep your skills sharp, be presentable both on and offline and boost your networks by engaging with employers/contacts that will enable you to open doors and transform your career in 2018 and beyond.

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