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Senior Consultant, Nigel Spurr shares the art of storytelling, and how to apply this technique to your next interview.

Engage. Captivate. Delight.

With storytelling you want your audience to be fully alert, gripped even, to what you’re saying and what you’re about to say.

If you’re preparing for an interview – being a good storyteller is one of the most essential interview skills you can perfect. Use facts, figures and real life examples which will bring to life your credibility for the role you are applying for.

By crafting your storytelling, you can really enrich your interview experience – captivate your interview panel, and be the memorable, unforgettable candidate they can’t wait to hire!

Professional storytelling is on the rise, you may already watch TED talks, or listen to inspirational speakers that ‘wow’ crowds, these people have all practised the art of the story – they know where to break, pause, allow time for thought and the consideration of the message –  to truly engage their audience.

Through storytelling, you can convey your messages, allow the audience to conjure up images of the story and embed your communication.

Storytelling is influential and used by the most powerful and hugely successful people around the world. It brings authenticity to your persona and demonstrates that you have a personality, alongside being the perfect fit for a role.

Within an interview setting, storytelling is also a shared experience, giving you the opportunity to build rapport with your interviewer whilst delivering a first-class, qualifying answer.

Whatever the question may be, it’s possible to transition your answer into a story. Introduce the challenge, the situation, then describe and address your actions to fully answer the question the interviewer has posed to you.

By structuring your answers in the interview, and sharing your experiences, you build a picture of the scenario, you can highlight your experiences in a manner that is both credible and professional, whilst showcasing your transferable skills– and what makes you their next star employee.


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