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How to secure your next role with the BIG 4

Senior Consultant from BMC’s Finance team, Craig Chamberlain advises newly qualified finance professionals about the process of applying with the ‘BIG 4’.

If you’re a newly qualified finance professional, working towards a career in finance, and would like to establish yourself with a position in the finance sector, the ‘BIG 4’ can be an extremely attractive route.  The ‘BIG 4’ typically hold graduate recruitment drives once a year and understandably competition can be extremely high.

I work closely with newly qualified finance professionals to place them in positions that match their career aspirations and typically offer the following advice:

Firstly, I would advise that you’re fully prepared for the process – understand what you are applying for  –  if you’re starting out in the big wide world of finance , think about the division within the organisation you would like to work for – typically there will be departments relating to audit, consulting, tax , technology and advisory.

Understand the top accounting firms want to hire – research, research, research! From online information, to attending careers seminars – all will equip you with an understanding of what you will be investing in as a potential ‘BIG 4’ employer.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to the big smoke – London may be the central hub of finance within the UK, but remember that financial companies operate across the UK and in a variety of locations.  There is some fantastic financial businesses establishing themselves across the UK, offering newly qualified and established finance professionals excellent career prospects.

I’d also recommend that you don’t dismiss applications for smaller accounting and finance firms, all can offer you substantial opportunities and enable you to realize your career potential.

If you’re a finance professional, or you’ve just qualified and would like advice and support relating to applications for finance roles, get in touch.

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