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How to Take Charge of Your Career

BMC Recruitment Group’s Senior Marketing Consultant, Will Smith, explains what marketers should be considering – before they leap into their next career move.

Career success within the marketing profession really depends on people understanding your impact.

When I’m working with marketing candidates, the one thing I ask them about is the direct impact they have made – can they demonstrate a successful ROI from the marketing budget?

It’s a competitive marketplace for any marketer, and to stand out you need to prove that you are driving the business forward – you may have raised brand profile and driven awareness for your employer, but has this translated into direct results from a sales perspective?  Consider your worth and what you bring to the table.

The bottom line is that you need to ensure marketing is contributing to the company’s objectives. Marketers face continual business change and need to respond to this by being proactive yet measured in their activity– ensuring every penny of the marketing budget is accounted for. Overall, it’s how you adapt your focus and demonstrate a positive impact to the business that matters.

Marketing is an extremely important function of any business, from start-ups to global PLC’s, widely regarded as an integral component supporting businesses to achieve their goals.

If you are in the process of re-evaluating your career, take a step back and think about where you want to be. What kind of marketing career do you want? Do you have your heart set on a particular sector? Do you see yourself as an in-house marketing professional or a creative agency guru?

You can continue your career growth by taking the lead in investing in your career development – explore lateral job moves to broaden and deepen your experience, attend training sessions and network with your peers. An excellent way to enhance your learning is to seek out a mentor – someone who has been in your sector for some time and offers a wealth of experience, and happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

You can capitalise on your current role by looking at the opportunities right in front of you – gather as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision about the future of your career. Think about how you can make the best of your current situation and what you can do to really tap into any opportunities. Within your current role, you can increase your visibility by volunteering to complete assignments that will benefit your employer. By offering to implement the solution, you will increase your presence and you are likely to be considered for further opportunities.

Additionally, think about how any development activities can benefit you and how it will contribute to your professional objectives.

If you are seeking to enhance your position within your current workplace to develop your career, it might be worthwhile speaking directly with your manager/ reporting manager. Make them aware that you plan on developing your career and you are heavily invested, determined and engaged in becoming the best you can be in your role.

Strategic career management can really enable you to figure out what you want from your career, from both a short and long-term perspective – map out your ambitions, what you would like to achieve and think about goals. Create a career development plan that will outline the structure of what you want in your next move.

I’m regularly asked by my candidates about how they can successfully transfer between sectors – while there is no set answer, I tend to advise that the skills, knowledge, and experience the candidate has gained can readily translate into different sectors – highlighting to employers, the value of the skills and knowledge the candidate offers rather than just sector-specific experience.

Whatever the direction you wish to take your career in, it is worthwhile researching career paths, get advice from your peers or a trusted recruiter.

In my view, the marketing professionals I have met who possess a clear vision and understand the steps to success – succeed!

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