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Creating a powerful LinkedIn profile for 2019

LinkedIn is considered the recruiting ground of social media and a place to make your job hunt much easier. At BMC Recruitment Group, we regularly liaise with both our clients and candidates and share our latest posts on our LinkedIn company page.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and optimise your own LinkedIn profile for your own job search in the New Year? Here’s our own top tips, from our Senior Consultant for Tech, Matt Wragg:

1) Make sure it’s current
So many people update their CV but fail to even list their latest role on their LinkedIn, which is one of the first points of call for prospective employees.

2) Full set up
Ensure all your settings are optimised so that you come up during searches and that people are able to connect with you if you’re looking to grow your network

3) Go premium
Sign up for their ‘Premium Career’ option, which allows you to see who’s viewed your profile, and directly message recruiters amongst other benefits. Whilst this does cost, it’s worth signing up for a month free which you can use if you’re really serious about your job hunt.

4) Post
Use it to post about the industry you work in on a regular basis and support others in the business. Not only does your CV need to be current, so does your use of the platform. What’s your latest post? Are you able to demonstrate knowledge of your sector? Are you sharing other people’s content and engaging in your industry?

5) Make full use of your profile
From banners to your intro, make sure you highlight the fact that you’re currently seeking opportunities. Maximise your professional headline, make sure people want to click to find out more about you.

6) Image is everything
Only use a professional photo in your profile, and make sure you have a professional header banner.

7) Publish an article
If you’ve got professional knowledge you can share, by publishing an article, it’s a great way to show off your skills to potential employees and demonstrate you really know what you’re talking about. Just make sure you check for typos!

8) Add media
People skim, whether or not it’s on Facebook or LinkedIn, by adding media you’re more likely to catch their attention – add your PowerPoint presentations, links to articles you find interesting or videos of you speaking at events.

9) Follow the right people
It’s not just about connecting – with LinkedIn, there’s easy access to the Elon Musks of the world and people that you personally admire in the industry. Get their latest updates and industry news by following these professionals.

10) Personalise your LinkedIn profile URL
Make sure your own linked in profile ULR is accessible and not the random combination of numbers and letters that you were initially assigned.

Looking to make your own change into a new role within the tech sector? Email: or call 0191 303 9757 or 07984 237052.

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