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Having the right skills in your business, or nearby, will ultimately help your business to prosper.

BMC’s Senior Consultant, Sophie Goymer, tells us what businesses can do better to improve their talent pipeline, and ensure a healthy stream of talent, now and for the future.

Building a strong talent pipeline can help businesses minimise skill gaps, prepare or avoid for potential business disruption, so from top-tier leadership to entry-level positions- it’s important to consider your organisational structure and how you can attract the next wave of talent for your business.

Engaging talent

It is down to coordinating a candidate database yes, but it’s also about relationship building- nurturing that talent and keeping an eye on the market to ensure that your business is doing everything it can to attract, retain and maintain talent. From attractive employee engagement events to drip feeding seminars/ workshops or being present within the media – it’s important to develop an external brand that potential employees want to be associated with.

Create a sustainable talent pipeline and determine the gaps between available and required talent. This will help you to identify the strategy to fill those gaps – this can often be a complex task, but by engaging and investing in talent, you can build a candidate pool that is flexible to your business needs.

Having the right skills in your business, or nearby, will ultimately help your business to prosper.

Consider your approach to sourcing the top ’soft skill’ performers

Candidates with market -ready skills are highly sought after, particularly those who possess ‘soft skills’ – communication, team work and critical thinking are all skills that go beyond the ‘job description’.   .

For example, at BMC Recruitment Group we regularly coordinate talent screening for our candidates, to ensure that potential employees score highly for the skills and experience required for all roles, and we work closely with employers to formulate strategic growth plans to help find the right skills for their business in order for them to grow.


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