Marketeers – you probably see your role as more of a career than just a job.

If you’re working in the creative industries you will know it is one of the fastest growing industries supporting the UK economy.

Competition, however, is still rife and as marketing roles diversify and there is more need for specialist marketers working in digital and social – marketing professionals must ensure skills are up to scratch to compete in the crowded creative marketplace.

Keeping your skills tip-top is essential for any marketing professional worth their salt and if you plan on climbing the career ladder.

Marketing is one the most creative industries out there and highly rewarding –  for example; your creativity is spun into advertising campaigns that generate a massive response and transform business revenue – that’s impact.

If you’ve just qualified with a marketing degree and haven’t had any work experience yet, be prepared – marketing is not always glamorous – it’s tough, measured and you will be expected to demonstrate return on a daily basis.

Interview processes within marketing can vary greatly from business to business, you may be expected to present and demonstrate how you would set up a campaign, showcase your understanding of a product or work with the team on a project so the business you’re interviewing for can see how you work and if you’re a good culture fit.

Buzzwords are often associated with marketeers – think ‘blue sky thinking, ‘synergy’, ‘engage’ – they’ve all become heavily overused and it’s best to try and limit using them in conversation or interviews. Show your knowledge, skills, and experience by demonstrating facts and figures that back up your work and the projects you’re most proud of.

Developing a network within the creative community can be essential to the growth of your career – meeting new contacts and key decision makers could one day land you the job of your dreams.

But remember you can’t be everywhere at once, choose the events you attend wisely – find out the guest list and connect via LinkedIn or research who you want to speak to prior to attending an event to maximise opportunities.

Marketing offers an abundance of opportunities, roles can be very diverse and you can work in a wide range of sectors – definitely not boring or restrictive! From agency to in-house, there are many options you can explore to decide upon the type of career you want to pursue in Marketing.

Will Smith is BMC’s Sales and Marketing consultant and specialises in supporting sales and marketing professionals reach their career goals, from entry level to senior level positions, Will is available to discuss career requirements call 0191 432 6817/ 07984 63707 or email