If you’re keen to replenish your workforce or boost growth with fresh talent, the art of talent management is key to a company wishing to be successful.

Shortages in particular specialisms and the big ‘skills’ gap’ can leave employers scrambling for talent or doing their best to try and retain their workforce to ensure growth and stability.

Recruitment requirements can often be difficult to establish until  business plans, strategy and budgets are allocated and until then, some employers may be hesitant to put all of their efforts into a big recruitment push should there not be the time, funding or resource available to fully facilitate with a recruitment drive.

The candidate market can often be a little tight in certain sectors, however with the correct marketing, role transparency and expert search consultancy, passive candidates can be actively sourced – talent that matches your business needs perfectly – talent that positively impacts your workforce and talent that wants to work for you.

2018 is the year to harness your recruitment strategy and work on the following:

Brand attraction challenges – Your brand is a major pull for potential candidates, who will they be working for, what will it represent for them – why should they want to work for you? What can you offer in return?  Be transparent, share your vision and outline your objectives – people want to work somewhere with direction and opportunities.

Application Process – At BMC, our expert consultants work closely with employers to fully support internal recruitment procedures and your application process. As a process-driven consultancy, we take our time to understand the intricacies of your business and build our talent search around your bespoke requirements.

The real talent shortage – It exists yes – but please do not assume the talent shortage applies to your business unless you’ve discovered and experienced skills shortages – you could potentially hinder or dismiss talent –bypassing candidates that match your business needs.

BMC Consultants will provide you with a unique insight into your particular marketplace, whilst supporting your business with a tailored recruitment strategy – from placement to longer term workforce planning, our consultants are well equipped to deliver a wide range of search consultancy services.