Forgot having the sharpest LinkedIn profile, hundreds of connections and perfect professional photography – if you’ve lingering personal social media accounts from yesteryear (remember Myspace?!) then it’s time to get ready for a virtual spring clean!

The world of social media is bursting with opinions, content and news – we can instantly connect with other professionals across the world, learn from the likes of the world’s top business leaders on a TED talk without even leaving the comfort of our own office desk and link up with those key decision makers in a second – all very tempting, potentially lucrative and from a career building perspective – the opportunities can be abundant.

If you’ve social media accounts that need a bit of a re-fresh, or a content and connection check then read on for how to future-proof  your social media self.

Sharpen up your act on social media, delete any old accounts and check that your content is up to date to present you in the best possible light. Potential employers are likely to check your LinkedIn profile, but some businesses may also see what you’re discussing on wider social media platforms.

Avoid making the mistake of venting on social media – lots of people do it yes and talk about all matters of topics, (religion/ politics) but bear in mind that you’re leaving yourself open for a potentially sparky flame war – if you want to protect your online reputation it’s best to present an altogether natural grounding and remember what you share on your personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile – can end up leaking into your professional network – you’ve been warned! And remember, it’s not just what you say, think about the images you upload. Stay away from any negative discussions regarding your employer or previous employers – social media has made the world a smaller place and your rant about an ex-colleague or boss could land you in trouble (immediately or later down the line).

Your social footprint will follow you wherever you go – you might just be starting off in an entry –level role,  but think about where you would like your career to head and how a questionable image or post could tarnish your reputation.

As a search consultancy, we deal with people every day in a wide range of sectors, at all levels and often advise individuals on what they can do to really make their online portfolio stand out against the competition.

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