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With the surge of professional social media outlets such as LinkedIn, many people feel that they can fully warrant a good old rant or opinion about a plethora of topics all in the effort to impose their credentials and understandings of a subject. This is all well and good if you get the balance right, but it remains essential to be fully aware and considerate to the fact that other individuals may not agree with your thoughts/opinion and particularly if you’re using social media for work – bear in mind that you could spark a PR flame war with what you thought was expressive commentary!


Platforms such as LinkedIn have been developed as a specific professional network, so please keep it professional and refrain from personal agendas.

But how can you engage with your audience, and demonstrate your ‘know-how’ whilst still acknowledging subjects that are current or receiving media attention?

There is a fine balance but it is still possible to show you are paying attention to relevant and engaging news that connects you to your target connections without disrupting the delicate fabric of social media.

Before you react to a subject or news article, think first – could it be viewed as a sensitive subject, potentially engulfing you or the business you work for into a PR catastrophe?

So from getting the basics of your LinkedIn correct, such as updating that holiday snap from Mexico you currently have as your profile picture, to crafting the perfect headline statement – I’ve composed a few tips on the best way to develop a profile that is worthy of followers, and your next employer – but still has a good dash of personality whilst retaining professionalism, all without compromising on your credibility.

It’s really important to remember that you’re a brand and an ambassador of the company that you work for – so even if you’re in the market for furthering your career or want to appear attractive to new employees read on…

PROFILE PICTURES: Invest in a quality profile headshot, you might already be working for a company that urges your profile shot to keep in brand with their brand guidelines, that’s great. If not and you haven’t had any advice or as mentioned earlier you have hastily uploaded an old holiday snap, it’s time to book in for a set of professional headshots.

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS: Professional at all times – social media is a stage and the world is your audience. So refrain from commenting or sharing sensitive materials, this could be religion, media topics, political affiliation or other personal topics. Remain professional and vigilant to your profile and your connections.

CONTENT: Think about your story, achievements, awards, acknowledgments and reach out to your network for recommendations – for your headline section, you want to appeal to your audience so if you’re the founder or an award-winning sales professional – tell them just that! Remember keywords and phrases so you can be easily found in your industry/sector area.

INSIGHT: Share your knowledge, expertise, skills and understanding through factual and informative representation, accredited industry articles and blog posts.

CONNECTIONS: Review your connections, look at your network and see what opportunities they could present you with.

Keep your professional social networking profiles tip-top, updated and in check!



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