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Pre-Interview: Preparation, Research and Planning

  • You have been chosen to attend an interview; being picked out of a myriad of applicants is a success in itself so before you attend, make sure you are confident about the job, the company or organisation, and, most of all, about your own capabilities.
  • Prepare yourself with knowledge; learn about your prospective employer’s areas of business, values, current news, about the role you are applying for, and, generally, about the kind of issues that are likely to be discussed. Remember, most companies or organisations are proud of their accomplishments, roots, vision and values, and, even as an interviewee, you should demonstrate that you are aware of them and align yourself.
  • Research both the company or organisation and your role specifically. Background information can be obtained through your prospective employer’s website, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn account; further information about the company or organisation, and, your role will be readily available from your BMC consultant.
  • Planning responses to questions such as “what do you know about our company or organisation?” will leave you feeling assured about your compatibility with the job you are applying for, and, it will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are thorough and conscientious.
  • Anticipate some other likely interview questions. Questions about you will revolve around your current and previous employment, grades, awards and achievements and hobbies so take a good look at your CV and make sure you are comfortable in explaining these things. Questions about the job you are applying for will be specific and may also take into account the field of work, factors influencing this, topical issues, updates. If you envision the demands of the job and the ethos of the organisation or company it makes it much easier to understand the answers needed to the questions asked by the interviewers.
  • Typical questions might include:
    • Tell us a bit about you?
    • Why do you want to work for us and what interests you the most about this particular job?
    • What qualifications or experience do you have that would make you a success in this company?
    • Which job positions have you enjoyed most? Why?
    • What would you like to be doing five years from now?
    • Describe something you have achieved at work that you are proud of?
    • Tell us about a time when you have had to resolve a problem, an issue or situation involving conflict and, if you resolved it, explain how you achieved this?
    • What is your greatest strength/weakness/achievement?
    • What interests you most about this position?
    • What is important to you in the work that you do?
    • Some interviewers will ask ‘wild card’ or completely unpredictable questions; your BMC consultant can help you to talk through how best to prepare for these.

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