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Service Commitments

We make the following service guarantees to our clients and offer a 20% discount if one of these guarantees is breached:

  • Communication
    • We will communicate our progress to you on at least a weekly basis, ensuring you remain up-to-date on how the project is progressing.
  • Candidate Quality
    • All presented candidates will objectively meet the technical specifications of the role or where this is not the case, shortfalls against specification will be highlighted on submission.
    • No candidate will ever be submitted without first being interviewed by BMC Recruitment Group, either in person or, where this is not feasible, over the phone.
  • Candidate Volume
    • We will submit no more than 5 candidates per role unless requested to do so by you. Applying our experience and knowledge to select the “best shortlist” and minimise the time and resource required by you is central to our service.
  • Interview Preparation
    • All candidates will arrive for an interview with an understanding of the company, their operations and the role for which they are being considered, and be able to demonstrate this on interview.
  • Salary Expectations
    • Candidates’ salary expectations will be openly and honestly communicated on submission.

The above commitments can be adapted and expanded on a project-by-project basis to match the specific requirements of our clients and ensure they get the process they want.

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