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We catch up with Craig Chamberlain to find out what he’s been doing in the past year at BMC, his biggest achievements and how he juggles being the Managing Consultant of BMC Finance with a busy home-life!

You’ve recently been promoted to Managing Consultant, how have you found the change?

It’s been a pretty smooth transition, I’m fortunate that the entire finance team is experienced and motivated. We generally help each other out with any difficult projects and bounce ideas off each other. It has been great to join BMC’s senior management team and help shape our processes and growth plans.

What would you say is your biggest achievement at BMC?

I have broadened my skill set and experience a lot since joining BMC. Whilst I have previously specialised purely in accountancy practice recruitment, I have been working hard to establish a very successful Compliance offering. My biggest achievement has been helping some of the North East’s largest businesses to find senior level Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit professionals – from Manager up to Board level.

Do you have any tips for aspiring leaders?

Be patient, and focus on developing yourself. If you are consistently performing to a high standard and your colleagues see you has someone they can turn to for advice, then you will be viewed as a leader regardless of your job title. I also like to listen and make sure I have all the facts before reacting to situations or making decisions, there are plenty of egos in the recruitment industry and I’m very glad to be away from them all at BMC!

Who is your professional idol?

I have been racking my brains and I genuinely can’t think of anyone. I’ll take good advice from absolutely anybody, but I think that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and there’s no single person I would consider an idol.

What has been your career highlight with BMC so far?

The highlights just keep coming – what I would have considered a successful month when I joined BMC would be a very disappointing month for me currently. My personal highlight was May 2018, my best ever month for successful placements, by quite a large margin.

What’s your day to day work routine?

The great thing about BMC is that we work flexibly and don’t have to worry about adhering to a set structure or sitting in the office after hours to catch up with our work. We all work flexibly and have remote access to our database. Sometimes I will spend the entire day working from home, sometimes I’ll be meeting a candidate for coffee on a Sunday – no two weeks are the same.

How do you relax at the end of a busy day at work?

I just bought a new house, I have a wedding arranged for next year, and I’ve got two kids who are 11 and 12, there’s not as much time for relaxation as I would like! I make sure I keep fit and active, and spend the rest of my time working my way through every box set and documentary on Netflix.

Do you have any tips for business owners seeking to bring top talent into the workplace?

The current market is very much ‘candidate driven’, particularly in finance. The key is to fully understand your competition as an employer and to make sure that your offering is competitive. Whether candidates are looking for progression and development, a more positive culture, improved work/life balance, or something else entirely, BMC work closely with our candidates to make sure that we understand their motivations as well as exactly what they can offer in return.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work within the recruitment profession?

If you don’t currently have experience in recruitment, it will take time to learn your sector, and it will take a lot of resilience to stick with it and learn how to deal with the many situations you are likely to encounter. Find an employer who will support and mentor you, and then just aim to be as active as possible, every meeting and every conversation will most likely teach you something new early on- so the more the better.

What excites you most about your career here at BMC?

BMC have gone from a completely unknown boutique agency, to a leading name in the North East within a couple of years. We are working with some of the largest employers in the region, and our success is based on our integrity, transparency and commitment to service. We have very ambitious growth plans moving forward and as part of the operational board and management team I look forward to helping drive our continued success.



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