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Our new salary calculator perfectly embodies the work our consultants do here at BMC – it’s focussed on providing honest advice for the Technology industry we specialise in! We wanted to provide a simple way for our Tech candidates to know their worth in the marketplace. Our Salary calculator tool is a free way to estimate what salary you should be keeping an eye out for – and it can be used to help businesses know how to keep their salaries competitive.

Just type in your job title, skills and area of work below to see results of what you’re earning and what your next steps of progression could be. The more you understand about the position you’re in at the moment, the more BMC Recruitment can help you find the right path for your next career move.

See how your salary stacks up against other professions! When you’re armed with the knowledge of your industry it’s easier to plan for the future. And when you need advice on where to start looking, head over to our ‘Find a Job’ page for your next opportunity!

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I applied for a position online on BMC’s website and it came through following a successful face to face interview. Having never worked with recruitment agencies before it was nerve racking at first as I didn’t know what to expect. I must say this for sure that BMC have their fingers on the pulse covering all areas. I have always found them to be professional, efficient and prompt in all of the services they provide. This was very important to me as it enabled me to perform better at my job having not to worry over T&C’S. Lastly, the client I am working with is by far one of the most comfortable and likeable organisations I have worked with, a very positive working culture and work dynamics and they have all really made me feel welcome and part of their culture. I would have no hesitations in recommending BMC to other colleagues and friends who are seeking opportunities.

Khurram Rehman , Redland Business Solutions – Business Configuration Analyst

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