Connor Sheppard


Mobile: 07535 495 652


Connor has recently joined BMC’s technology team, he is responsible for the recruitment of specialists within the technology sector and more recently he’s found that he might be responsible for making sure the rest of the team ‘have a laugh’. Connor is quite an energetic personality and likes to use a lot of the energy on the candidate/client journey, as it’s great making it to the end destination but in the end what matters is how you get there.

Connor is experienced in recruitment and has worked with a wide range of clients varying from multi-national corporations to local business entities for their contract or permanent employment needs. Because of his natural interest in technology he has found particular success with clients within the technology sector. Connor helps to solve client dilemmas by ensuring quality throughout the process by understanding and hearing the needs of all parties, for everyone involved it makes everything smoother and clearer.

In his spare time Connor enjoys getting involved in social events with his friends and family, travelling far away from family and a bit of go-karting or paintballing when he finds the time. He does have a secret passion for Stand-Up but the only ‘standing’ he’s been doing is in the morning waiting for the Metro.

Connor Sheppard