Senior Software Engineer


£45,000 - £50,000


We are still in the middle of a pandemic but that doesn’t mean that everyone stops. If you want to look for good organisations to work for what does that look like at the moment: 1) They are well run enough to still recruit when everyone else stops = stable 2) They are flexible enough to have a good working from home policy = a very rare need to go in 3) They have up to date and current technology that will still challenge you We are in a changing world and this is what things will look like, doesn’t stop you looking for something better though!!


Person Specification:


This role is multifaceted. If you enjoy developing new things, getting involved with proposals and machine learning and not just code and bug fix then this will give you that. The skills below should give you an idea of all the type of stuff that you will deal with


Skilled in many of the following:

  • C#, .net core and .net
  • Cloud based technologies – azure and amazon
  • Nodejs
  • Other javascript libraries such as angular and bootstrap but not limited
  • Web based technologies
  • Microservices or TFS

Matt Wragg


Mobile: 07948 237 052


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